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History of offshore banking

Offshore Banking is for honest hard working people who are concerned of obvious frivolous litigation, civil asset forfeiture and constant overreach of government agencies gone wild.

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A historically lax approach to regulation in banks has given way to an over-reaction in favour of a risk-averse compliance culture.So holding Hong Kong dollars essentially gives you ALL of the benefits of holding US dollars, but with free downside protection in the event of any major US financial catastrophe.These are legitimate concerns for honest, law abiding people who have acquired their wealth through hard work and legitimate business.The requirements vary from country to country and also from bank to bank, but generally you need to bring at least the following items with you.

Your account pays a tiny amount of interest that fails to keep up with inflation.Get all the information you would ever need in order to open an offshore bank account inside our Ultimate Offshore Banking Guide.

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Liechtenstein has long been known as one of the top asset protection and private banking jurisdictions in the world.

Note that in some cases the document is required to be in the local language or English.Hong Kong (along with Singapore) is at the top of a very short list of solvent jurisdictions in the world where we truly and wholeheartedly can recommend opening a bank account.With the advent of online banking, online wiring ability, telephone banking and debit cards, banking offshore is not really that much different than banking down the street.Holding some funds overseas in an international bank account can help provide a little bit of insurance against this risk.To obtain a view on the most popular destinations for people willing to open their offshore bank accounts, a stable.

Cyprian woman locked out of her savings during the 2013 banking crisis.Some accounts say offshore banking originated in Vienna, while others, in the Channel Islands of France.

Many banks overseas still follow traditional, conservative banking practices.As a result, some people have the false impression that it is illegal (it most definitely is not), that it is a way to evade taxes (it is not), and it is used by criminals (this is extremely rare because a bank can lose its license for accepting unclean proceeds).Directory of offshore banks, offshore banking services, bank accounts, offshore company formation, offshore trust companies, offshore banking acts and regulations.How Swiss Bank Accounts Work. by Lee Ann Obringer Swiss Bank Accounts, the United States and Beyond.Luxembourg banking is known for privacy which makes banking in Luxembourg what it is.A tiny German-speaking principality sandwiched between Switzerland and Austria, Liechtenstein, like its Swiss neighbor, has perfected the art of banking.Always enquire with the bank what information you need beforehand to save yourself time and effort.Join over 100,000 subscribers who receive our free Notes From the Field newsletter.

BUT, depending on your home country, there may be disclosure forms to file with your tax authorities.

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Most banks require that you visit a location in person to set up the account.Enjoy the advantages of international banking with HSBC Expat.What restrictions are there for large money transfers and how you can authorise them.It is extremely important to have the guidance of someone with experience in setting up accounts offshore.

Moreover, a vast majority of offshore banks will not even open accounts for US or Canadian people.Of the three that are, one US bank is number 30, one is number 45 and one is number 50 on the list.The capital ratio it holds is a paltry 1.24%. Think about it.

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Not being able to visit your desired jurisdiction limits your options significantly, because most jurisdictions require a personal visit for Know Your Customer purposes.

In fact, one of the Hong Kong banks we analysed was literally 30 times safer than one of the major US banks.

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The history of offshore banking, the advantages of offshore bank accounts, as well as the impact the Savings Tax Directive has on offshore banks.Keep in mind that securing your money offshore is not about evading taxes.Get our free intelligence report, with step-by-step instructions on how to open a bank account in Hong Kong.Any court or government agency can freeze you out of your bank account with a single phone call without any due process or giving you the chance to make your case.What people and legislatures do is more important than what they say.How to strategically, legally and intelligently structure and implement your personal Plan B.

Sovereign Man: Explorer is your essential introduction to international diversification, a guide to ensure you have access to the most important tools to build your own Plan B.That being said, in the past you could open an excellent bank account in Singapore without even leaving home, but it has gotten much harder over the past few years.There are offshore banks that specialize in asset protection from lawsuits.This form includes bank accounts, but also other foreign financial accounts like brokerages or even an offshore precious metals account.

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On top of that Panama is just a short flight away from North America, so the physical presence requirement can be easily met if you reside in the States.Panama Finance - Flags, Maps, Economy, History, Climate, Natural Resources, Current Issues, International Agreements, Population,. or offshore banking,.Personal Reference or Introduction (Not always required)—Some banks will not open bank accounts for new customers without someone credible first vouching for them.We have been able to establish relationships with many of these more exclusive banks, which have made it possible for our Sovereign Man: Confidential customers to open accounts with them.The next morning, they woke up and found out that their bank was no more.