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Rt app not working

To learn about autofocus on Surface 3, see Using autofocus on Surface 3.You can turn off the shutter sound the camera makes by muting the volume on Surface.Best YouTube App for the Surface Tablet. Working. Add to. Microsoft Surface RT Tips - Volume 1.Sign up, tune into the things you care about, and get updates as they happen. Sign up. Our servers are down, bus status app is not working.Remote Desktop app help. you can sit at your home PC and connect to your work PC, and use all of your apps,. or Windows RT 8.1 to initiate a connection.Make an appointment at a store near you for free, in-person support.

Fix: Photos App not Opening in Windows 8.1, 10

Enter Device Manager in the search box next to Start, and then select Device Manager in the results Expand Imaging devices.Go to Start, and select the Camera app, and select the on-screen Camera or Video button.

You can choose to save your pictures to OneDrive so you can access them from any web-connected device.

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Step 3: Tap or click Camera roll, and make any changes to the settings you want.By default, pressing and holding the camera button records a video, but you can change the setting so that holding the camera button takes a quick series of still photos instead.I will say that this is not limited to DR, happens in some of my other sims too.

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I tried three different browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) with the same result.Tap or click Exposure and move the slider to adjust the brightness of the photo.

Oops - the message got posted before I even wrote it - sorry.Instructions for changing your default DNS servers (usually just set automatically by your ISP) can be found on the isitdownrightnow status page. For U.S. Comcast subscribers, you can just wait - Comcast will eventually fix the problem.They have had a DAEMON spam virus attack network solutions servers that host RT.com causing them to block DNS and Wide IP addresses.The blue bar displays the response time, which is better when smaller.While Apple should be dinged for not providing any. achieved five years ago with Windows RT and. not better.

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For more info on the Camera app, see Camera app and webcams help.You can use the front camera to video chat with a friend or the back camera to record meetings and events.Step 1: On the Start screen, swipe in from the right edge of the screen, and tap Settings.

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It seems to be blocked by someone in the UK (Virgin is my guess, on government orders no doubt).

Best YouTube App for the Surface Tablet

The rear-facing camera Surface devices has an autofocus lens that can help improve the sharpness of your photos and videos.Step 5: To see your panorama, swipe down from the top, and tap or click Camera roll.

You can use the front camera to video chat with a friend, or the back camera to record meetings and events.Check if the website is down just for you or everyone around the globe.You can also modify the photo aspect ratio, show or hide grid lines, adjust flicker, and turn location info on or off in the Camera app.

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Many other aspects of the reading experience could use some work though. RT News, the official Russia News app. 5 Comments.Fix Windows app store not loading in. without changing any account settings or deleting installed apps.Step 5: Once the picture is how you like it, swipe down from the top edge to save your changes (You can tap or click Save a copy or Update original ).

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