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SafeNet offers several methods to ensure secure access from mobile devices to network resources, email, VDIs and more.Title: Network Security Solutions - SSL VPN and Remote Access Author: Juniper Networks Subject: Aladdin and Juniper Networks Enable Strong Authentication for SSL VPN.

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Below are several considerations to keep in mind when choosing the method or methods best suited for your organization.

You can configure a View Connection Server instance so that users are required to use RSA SecurID authentication before providing their Active Directory credentials.

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ActionURL (hidden) (This is the endpoint URL the form handler will submit to).A VPN token is typically enabled by two-factor authentication, where the end user not only provides a password but also authenticates the device.Gemalto provides us with a low-cost, safe and secure authentication infrastructure to support a variety of cloud services.TheGreenBow VPN client supports USB Tokens as a mean to increase identify authentication, to enforce security policy while keeping it.With complete use case coverage, our solutions provide over 100 seamless out-of-the-box integrations for cloud, VPN, VDI, web portals and LAN.I have configured a c2s vpn BUT I need token authenticaion only on the VPN.

Configuring VPN for RSA SecurID authentication consists of the following steps: Configure VPN client access in ISA Server.VPN access with Authentication Server can be based on multiple architectures depending on the User.While OTP authentication, for example with OTP apps, may provide sufficient protection for most enterprise use cases, verticals that require higher levels of assurance, such as e-government and e-health, may be mandated to use PKI security by law.SafeNet authentication solutions help secure access in BYOD scenarios by requiring users to register their devices.

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Secure mobility for employees from both corporate-issued and personal mobile devices.Device recognition with context-based authentication - Recognizes registered users logging into web-based applications from the mobile browser.

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How to Add WiKID two-factor authentication to a Fortinet VPN. Start your WiKID token and get an OTP for the WiKID domain you specified for the network client.Hardware PKI certificate-based tokens, such as smart cards and USB tokens are designed to store your secret private encryption key securely.Authentication is a growing requirement in this new era of heightened technology security.

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SafeNet ensures frictionless management for IT administrators by providing.

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Mitigating Diverse threat vectors Different authentication technologies are effective in countering different threats.

VPN authentication and MAC addresses. I would like to avoid commercial solutions like a security token.

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Get the identity and access assurance that only RSA SecurID Suite can provide.Multi-factor Authentication Regardless of the two-factor authentication technology being used, security can be elevated when assessing additional contextual attributes of a login attempt, such as various device and behavior-based variables.Where OTP tokens are already deployed, organizations can retain their current investment by seeking solutions that support third party tokens and third party RADIUS servers, or seek solutions that can import their current standards-based tokens into a new solution.

Where PKI tokens are already deployed, organizations can expand or evolve their deployments to accommodate mobility.This could be an SMS or a one-time passcode generated by a phone token, or a hardware token, depending on organizational policies.The VPN client authenticates itself to the VPN server and, for mutual authentication, the VPN server authenticates.

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Retaining Current Token Investments Organizations that have already deployed a two-factor authentication solutions, whether PKI or OTP-based may seeks ways to retain their current investment.Authentication Server Architectures for Enterprise VPN Access.

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The need to implement unified access policies to SaaS applications, cloud-based solutions, and on-premise environments is essential in order to set and maintain secure access in current workforce environments, highly influenced by mobility.One Time Password (OTP) - Generate dynamic one-time passwords (OTPs) for properly authenticating users to critical applications and data, whether on a token, mobile device, or grid-based authentication.In this way, organizations may decide that only pre-registered devices may access the network or that non-registered devices require the user to provide an additional method of authentication such as a one-time passcode.

Depending on regulations relevant to your industry, the hardware or software token you deploy may need to comply with FIPS 140-2 in North America or Common Criteria in other regions of the world.Hybrid Authenticators - Authenticators that combine one-time password, encrypted flash memory or certificate-based technology on the same strong authentication device.

Under pressure to reduce costs and prove value, IT administration staff is on a constant quest to reduce their TCO.

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It gives our PKI service more flexibility so that users can authenticate to cloud applications on any computer or device, at the office, or at home.