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Traceless staudinger ligation

In certain embodiments, the methylation...Kleineweischede, R. and Hackenberger, Christian P. R. (2008), Chemoselective Peptide Cyclization by Traceless Staudinger Ligation.

Ligation of PCR Products

Abstract The traceless Staudinger ligation of azides and phosphines is an effective method to produce an amide bond.


Traceless Ligation of Cysteine Peptides Using Selective

Reaction Mechanism and Kinetics of the Traceless Staudinger Ligation Matthew B.The traceless Staudinger ligation is an effective means to synthesize an amide bond between two groups of otherwise orthogonal reactivity: a phosphinothioester and an.Direct acyl substitution of carboxylic acids: a chemoselective O- to N-acyl migration in the traceless Staudinger ligation. acyl substitution of.

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The use of a selective chemical and bioorthogonal reaction providing a covalent ligation such as the Staudinger ligation, in targeted molecular imaging and therapy is.

Cell Surface Engineering by a Modified Staudinger Reaction

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Theoretical Study on Reaction Mechanism of Traceless

Staudinger reactions are frequently highly chemoselective and can occur under very mild conditions, so are attractive methods for efficient functionalization of.Still, phosphinothiol 1 mediated the first traceless Staudinger ligation.

Tips for Maximizing Ligation Efficiencies NEB T4 DNA Ligase is the most extensively used ligase for cloning-based experiments.

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Although the previously described methods for Staudinger ligations work well even in biological environments, a modification forming a.Ligation-based methods and kits are disclosed for identifying at least two target nucleotides in a mixed population sample, that is a sample that contains or.Finally, they demonstrated the ligation of this labeled. for the Staudinger reaction with azides.

The present invention relates to methods and compositions for lipid matrix-assisted chemical ligation and synthesis of membrane polypeptides that are incorporated in.

Staudinger Reactions for Selective Functionalization of

Acetylthiomethyl-diphenylphosphine borane complex is a traceless Staudinger ligation reagent with borane protecting group.Title: Coulombic effects on the traceless Staudinger ligation in water: Publication Type: Journal Article: Year of Publication: 2009: Authors: Tam, A, Raines, RT.

Coulombic effects on the traceless Staudinger ligation in


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Self ligating orthodontic brackets include a bracket base and a ligation cover which interacts with the base in order to provide ligation of at least one arch wire.

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A Photo-Triggered Traceless Staudinger-Bertozzi Ligation. as an efficient traceless Staudinger-Bertozzi ligation. for traceless staudinger ligation and.

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The Staudinger reaction is a chemical reaction of an azide with a phosphine or phosphite produces an iminophosphorane.The chemical synthesis of proteins is now possible because of the prodigious advances in.T1 - Water-soluble phosphinothiols for traceless Staudinger ligation and integration with expressed protein ligation.Ligation of PCR products into plasmid vectors is a critical step.